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Jul 25, 2022

Financial cost & QoL of patients with SMA identified by symptoms vs. newborn screening

Prof. Laurent Servais talks about the financial cost and quality of life of patients with SMA. He shows one family that had two children born with SMA, one was detected at birth through newborn screening and treated early, and the other child was diagnosed with SMA after symptoms already started. The positive outcomes of SMA newborn screening, in terms of impact on the children detected early, and the financial costs associated with lifelong disability are highlighted.

Thank you to the families that agreed to take part in this video, they are heroes that demonstrate the advantages of newborn screening for SMA so visually and clearly.

Thank you to Prof. Servais for taking part in this video and his paper on the same subject Financial cost and quality of life of patients with spinal muscular atrophy identified by symptoms or newborn screening.