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EuropeDec 15, 2022

SMA NBS Alliance Annual Report 2022

  • The SMA NBS Alliance’s objective is for 100% of babies born in Europe to be screened for SMA by 2025.
  • SMA Europe estimates that 25% of newborn babies in the EU were screened for SMA at the end of 2021.
  • By the end of 2022, SMA Europe estimates 45% of newborns born in Europe will be screened for SMA. 40% considering the European continent including Russia and Turkey.
EuropeMay 13, 2022

SMA Europe joins Screen4Rare

We are proud to announce that SMA Europe has officially joined the Screen4Rare platform as a Partner!

EuropeJan 24, 2022

SMA NBS Alliance wins Company Award for Patient Engagement

We at SMA Europe and on behalf of the entire SMA NBS Alliance are extremely grateful to receive the Black Pearl 2022 Company Award for Patient Engagement. We would like to thank EURORDIS-Rare Diseases Europe and all its nearly 1000 rare disease patient group members for this recognition.

EuropeNov 25, 2021

SMA Newborn Screening: Screen at birth, save lives

There is no more time to waste for babies born with SMA! The European Alliance for SMA Newborn Screening demands Newborn screening programs for SMA in all countries no later than 2025! Learn from a diverse set of people on the importance of SMA newborn screening, let’s work together to make it a reality. We have the tools to detect and treat early, we need to use them to save individuals and families a lifelong disability.